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Piana degli Albanesi



Festeggiamenti in onore di Maria SS. Odigitria
Festeggiamenti in onore di Maria SS. Odigitria
02 Sept 2024, 10:30
Santuario Maria SS. Odigitria



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The Hora1488 project was developed to promote and enhance the extraordinary uniqueness of Piana degli Albanesi, through a discovery and in- depth portal to guarantee the visitor an experience with dedicated high-level services.

Piana degli Albanesi is the largest Albanian-speaking community in Sicily and one of the largest in Italy.

The Eparchy of the Byzantine rite to which they refer is based there all the faithful of the rite who reside in Sicily and insular Italy.

The language still spoken today is Arbëresh which is the linguistic evolution of ancient Albanian which retains some contamination of Greek.

Piana degli Albanesi, whose territories were granted in 1488, is commonly called Hora as it is still done today in Greece to indicate city more important than a territory or an island. 

With its language and its ritual, with its very rich monumental and naturalistic heritage and with its tradition in the production of excellent products, Piana degli Albanesi is a unique identity waiting to be discovered, so much so that it is defined as the island within the island .


Portella1947 represents our determination to keep alive the memory of the Portella massacre in honor of the fallen, their families and the Italian people.

These two projects were conceived with qualified scientific and historical advice.

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