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Francesco Scalora: S. Maria dell'Ammiraglio

francesco Scalora
S. Maria Dell'Ammiraglio

Professor Francesco Scalora edited the IX volume of the Byzantino – Sicula series entitled “S. MARIA DELL'AMMIRAGLIO - LA MARTORANA: from Norman foundation to Greek rite parish”, recently published by the Institute of Byzantine and Neo-Hellenic Studies "Bruno Lavagnini".

The church of Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio in Palermo, founded by George of Antioch, prime minister of King Roger II, was dedicated to the Greek rite from the beginning, and has remained so throughout its long history. In the volume, which collects the proceedings of the study meeting of the same title, the circumstances of the foundation and the role assumed over time by the church in the following centuries as a meeting point for the faithful coming at different times from the Christian East are exposed.


Program of the study meeting [p. VII] – Lavagnini R., Foreword [p. 3] – Rognoni C., George of Antioch and his church [p. 5] – Re M., Churches and monasteries of the Greek rite in Norman Palermo [p. 17] – Scalora F., One Community, two Communities, no Community? The Greek presence in Palermo between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries [p. 41] – Mandalà M., The arbëreshë of Sicily and the church of Martorana: some considerations [p. 65] – Index of personal names [p. 81] – Tables [p. 83]

Francesco Scalora
Prof. Francesco Scalora



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