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C/O Collegio di Maria

Via del Collegio, 4

90037 Piana degli Albanesi (PA)

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231 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1AD UK

231 Vauxhall Bridge Road

London, SW1V 1AD UK


  • Piana degli Albanesi
  • Piana degli Albanesi
  • portella della ginestra

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 how to reach us 

GPS coordinates

latitude 37 ° 59'49.26 "N

longitude 13 ° 17'1.64 "E

the easiest way to reach us with your vehicle is to take the SS626 Palermo-Sciacca exit Piana degli Albanesi

if you arrive in Palermo by train you can take a bus that leaves from the Central Station terminal or you can rent a car or a taxi.

the nearest airport is Palermo, where you can rent a car or take a taxi, even collective. There is also a connection made by a bus operated by Prestia and Comandè that takes you to the central station, from where you could take a bus operated by the same company that takes you to Piana degli Albanesi (see box below)

from the port of Palermo you can take a rental car or a taxi. Another solution is to arrive at the bus terminal of the central station and take a public bus operated by Prestia and Comandè that brings Piana (refer to the bus box)

there is a good bus connection offered by Prestia and Comandè departing from the bus terminal of the central railway station of Palermo.

For updated timetables click here

our territory is suited for sporting walks. please refer to the GPS coordinates and be careful to have fun and enjoy our nature


This site and its blog do not represent a newspaper as they are updated without any periodicity. It cannot therefore be considered an editorial product pursuant to law no. 62 of 7.03.2001. The site aims to promote the cultural and territorial heritage of Piana degli Albanesi. Many published images, which are not among those of our property, come from the shared heritage of Sicily's fans online. This website is not for profit, anyone who recognizes a possible infringement of copyright can report it here and we will promptly remove the specific content.

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