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Discover Piana degli Albanesi: the Eparchy of Piana degli Albanesi.

We are pleased to present the section "discover Piana degli Albanesi", created to make you discover the extraordinary cultural, monumental, identity and food and wine heritage of Piana degli Albanesi.

In this first episode you will learn about the history of the Eparchy of Piana degli Albanesi.

On October 26, 1937 with the Apostolic Constitution Sedis the Holy See erected the Eparchy of Piana dei Greci (later of the Albanians) which included all the faithful, the clergy, the parishes of the municipalities of Piana degli Albanesi, Contessa Entellina, Mezzoiuso, Palazzo Adriano and the faithful who resided in Palermo and were part of the co-cathedral parish of S. Nicolò dei Greci alla Martorana. The first Eparch, as Apostolic Administrator, was the then Archbishop of Palermo His Eminence Luigi Lavitrano and, consecrated bishop on the same date as the erection of the Eparchy, Mons. Giuseppe Perniciaro auxiliary bishop. In 1960 Pope St. John XXIII with the Bull Orientalis Ecclesiae entrusted the faithful, clergy and parishes of the Roman rite present in the territories of the five Arbëreshë municipalities to the Eparchy of Piana. And in 1967 Rome appointed Mons. Giuseppe Perniciaro as residential bishop.

The Eparchy, together with the other two Eastern Catholic circumscriptions of Lungro and Grottaferrata, celebrated two Synods in 1940 and 2005.

Since the early years of the last century, even before its erection, the ecumenical vocation of the Eparchy has turned its forces to spreading the knowledge of the Orthodox East by founding the Catholic Association for the Christian East (ACIOC), opening offices in the main Italian cities, celebrating the Week for the Christian East every year and at the beginning of 1960 founding the magazine "Oriente Cristiano", still in publication. No less important is the effort to make the Catholic Church known to the Orientals by involving the Church of Sicily in exchanges of visits between the respective hierarchies of Greece and Sicily.

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