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Papas Jani Stassi receives the dignity of Archpriest.

With great pride I am pleased to inform you that Papas Jani Stassi has been granted the dignity of Archpriest by Archbishop Giorgio Demetrio Gallaro.

Papas Jani was ordained on October 26, 1983 and since that day he has always been a point of reference not only for the community of Piana degli Albanesi but for the whole Arbëreshë community to which the Eparchy of Piana degli Albanesi belongs.

I would also like to thank him personally for the great sensitivity he had in the protection and enhancement of our cultural and monumental heritage, always involving the competent authorities.

He was responsible for the restoration of the "Sacred Icon of the Madonna Odigitria" which is located in the Sanctuary of which he was rector. Furthermore, Papas Jani was of fundamental importance in the reorganization phase of the museum of the Collegine Sisters, together with the Mother Superior Sister Maria Canicattì.

I believe that Papas Jani can and should still make a contribution to our Eparchy which needs people of true honesty as he is.

We still extend our best wishes to our beloved archpriest and look forward to seeing him soon in Piana.

Salvatore Vasotti



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