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SHEGA: the new fruit of Arbëreshe music.


The young band from Piana degli Albanesi The Daggs has changed their name to Shega (in arbëresh "pomegranate").

They chose it 'for the plurality of the beans, the unity of the fruit, the sense of community it evokes. And for a thousand other colors, 'as they wrote on their Facebook page.

The new name was presented with a bright, colorful, pop coordinated graphic; their audience welcomed the choice to change their name and aesthetics, which also marks the entry into the roster of the 900B Music publishing company.

But let's retrace their history together. SHEGA is a band that combines the Arbëreshe language with contemporary indie-pop music. Their country of origin, Piana degli Albanesi, was founded by Albanian exiles in the sixteenth century and still maintains the inherited language, culture and traditions.

Born as “The Daggs”, in 2014 they started writing songs in their native language.

In November 2015 the “baptism” takes place at SUNS Europe, the European festival of minority language song (Cagliari). In May 2017 they won the Opp! Festival at the Farm Cultural Park in Favara (AG), thanks to which they record the first single Drita (“la luce”) at the Indigo studios in Palermo. In January 2018 they represent contemporary arbëreshe music in Tirana, guests of the President of the Albanian Republic. In May 2020 they publish their first video clip, Lumturi ("happiness"), a tribute to the arbëresh poet Pasquale Renda, accompanied by images from the first tour in the Calabrian Arbëria. During the concerts, in addition to the unpublished ones, they also offer covers of traditional arbëreshë songs, rearranged according to their own feelings.

SHEGA was born on 21.01.21: it means "pomegranate" and is the path that will lead to the release of the debut album.

Good journey SHEGA

Salvatore Vasotti

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