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Vito Giorgio Zuccaro "Why the theory of concentric circles was born in Sicily"

A few years ago the author gave me one of his publications that intrigued me a lot because of the unusual subject dealt with.

The author is our fellow citizen Vito Giorgio Zuccaro, who for many years was one of the members of the municipal police force of Piana degli Albanesi and who today enjoys a well-deserved rest.

The title struck me immediately: "because the theory of concentric circles was born in Sicily". I was even more curious about what the author told me about his theories set out in the volume, while he signed it at my request.

In that booklet Vito Giorgio Zuccaro put all his passion and all his research as an enthusiast and not as a scholar, on esotericism and mathematical relationships that exist in nature.

The reading was truly all in one breath, exciting and interesting despite the fact that I was faced with themes that were unusual for me.

Today, looking for a volume in my library, I found it and decided to publish its introduction, hoping to intrigue those who have a passion for these topics and would like to read it in full. In this case you can contact us on

Enjoy the reading

Salvatore Vasotti


INTRODUCTION by Vito Giorgio Zuccaro

This is not a usual story but something new, indeed ancient, which goes beyond the earthly horizons and which calls into question our past, those who preceded us and who tried to inherit their universal thought. The Mediterranean is scattered, as we all know, by countless archaeological sites scattered everywhere. My research, born by chance, led me to highlight and deepen at the same time a common denominator of these historical finds, vaguely unusual in light of their geographical and geometric position: concentric circles. I therefore strongly wanted to manifest this allegedly innovative, unprecedented and absolute scientific and cultural discovery of mine, defining it at the same time as a Copernican revolution. I have therefore verified that innumerable if not all the archaeological sites in the shape of concentric Euro-Mediterranean circles together with Sicilian islands, volcanoes and submarines are magnificently placed in their turn in concentric circles with a natural reference point called center or origin: Megaliths, Dolmen, Menhirs, Cathedrals, Francigena Cities, Labyrinths, Ancient Theaters, Egyptian Monuments and more. At the same time I reinforce this theory by intuitively inserting the Vitruvian sketch of "Leonardo da Vinci" into these concentric circles, always in relation to size, also discovering alignments and sacred geometries apparently inexplicable to our reason and awareness. In addition to hypothesizing that I have intuitively revealed the secret and encrypted code of the Vitruvian drawing, I therefore hypothesize a connection between the geographical and geometric position of these historical testimonies, with the theory of concentric circles in the Universe and that of plate tectonics: the ancient peoples were already aware of this universal principle since then. They emulated it with their works in concentric circles, such as the mythical Atlantis, hypothetically existed according to recent scholars right here in the center of the Mediterranean, where curiously my research and theory of concentric circles also originates. I add assuming that none reliable source has been able to give up to now, an exhaustive explanation to the ancient megalithic constructions, most of them in circles and concentric circles, if not only the one risky by myself. My theory was fatally born from a strange (coincidence) that has the absurdity, inevitably dragging me like a vortex to deepen the issues addressed. I noticed from a mountain above my village Piana degli Albanesi in the province of Palermo, that on particularly clear days you can see with the naked eye almost if not all the islands around ours, including the three summits and the Etna volcano. To all this, in my opinion, there is a very clear and simple explanation: I am right above the fulcrum and the geographical, geometric and historical cultural center of gravity of European Sicily including its islands, volcanoes, submarines and more. In fact, the most fascinating and intriguing thing is that not only do all these natural sites imaginatively rotate me in concentric circles but automatically innumerable concentric circles are inserted free-wheeling, with archaeological sites at the island level, and then extend to the global one, interesting also the area of ​​the Ring of Fire in the Pacific: the much-talked-about famous stone thrown into the pond. Heraclitus.

Vito Giorgio Zuccaro



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