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Discover Piana degli Albanesi: churches and rural chapels.

Piana degli Albanesi is undoubtedly full of churches, which are real treasures of works of art. There are many artists who have left their mark, one above all the Monreale Pietro Novelli who in addition to the apse of the cathedral of San Demetrio, which must be considered as one of his masterpieces, has left us numerous other testimonies of his work.

In Piana degli Albanesi there are votive shrines, which are often found in the interior spaces of some buildings. Finally, the rural churches and chapels should not be forgotten, which generally take their name from the district in which they are located: Madonna delle Grazie or della Scala (1560) at the foot of Mount Maganoce; Santa Caterina, in the Fusha district; Madonna dell’Udienza, on the homonymous object; Madonna dello Stretto; San Mercurio; Hidden Madonna (E fshehurë); Madonna della Pietà (Shën Mëria e Boshit) a few kilometers from the town on the provincial road to Palermo; Archangel Michael in Sheshi; Maria Addolorata, at the top of the Sheshi. Many of these rural chapels, whose construction is difficult to date, still exist today. Today this heritage is seriously threatened and we trust in the sensitivity of private individuals and in the duty of institutions, for their protection.

We thank the architect Matteo Vaglica for his contribution.

Salvatore Vasotti



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