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Matilde Cassarà plays at the Palermo Conservatory.

Matilde Cassarà is the protagonist of a beautiful story and is one of the people of our Arbëreshë community of whom we must be proud and be proud.

Her passion for music was born with her because in the house there is her father Giorgio, a great lover of percussion, who plays with drums.

In her grows the passion for an instrument that is not so widespread even if it is capable of giving us pure emotions: the accordion.

Giorgio and her mother Maria Grazia encourage her, support her, help her in every way to cultivate this passion of hers. The first timid agreements are made in the family, then with the guests and with the friends of the parents and everyone is struck by this child dominated by this instrument that she already masters with elegance.

The support of dad and mom is not lacking and the results are not long in coming and Matilde grows up with her accordion and her passion. The first public appearances in Piana degli Albanesi where everyone knows her and are struck by her skill.

The years pass and Matilde in her now vast repertoire also includes many songs from the popular Arbëreshë tradition and this makes her known and appreciated also in Arberia.

Matilde Cassarà on June 30, 2021 at 6.30 pm will play with the other students of the accordion course at the atrium of the "Alessandro Scarlatti" Conservatory of Music in Palermo.

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Salvatore Vasotti



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