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Discover Loris Guzzetta's first Italo-Arbëresh calendar.

We are pleased to announce the release of the first Italo-Arbëresh photographic calendar produced, edited and illustrated by photographer Loris Guzzetta.

“These images that I have kept inside for years are my declaration of love for the cultural heritage to which I belong. Inside the calendar there is the scent of our freshly baked cakes, the smell of incense on Easter day but above all the religious symbolism of Arbëresh women's clothes, unique in the world for their sumptuousness and opulence ". Guzzetta says.

Even the "ingredients" of this project are local: Caterina Cangialosi, the main model is originally from Piana. The dress she wears was embroidered in gold at the beginning of the last century by the photographer's maternal grandmother on the occasion of her wedding. The belt was a gift from the grandfather to the grandmother on the day of the engagement, as the arbëresh traction commanded. In the summer months, the photographer's two granddaughters in traditional dress also appear. Arbëresh intellectual and collector Stefano Schiró contributed to the accessories and styling.

Guzzetta still says: “It was truly a team effort, my mother Anna Fileccia took care of the logistic and organizational part, Giusy Schiró (expert in Arbëresh language), contributed to the drafting of the text and to the translations”.

The past becomes present in these images which together reveal and celebrate the culture of the ethnic minority of Piana degli Albanesi. The Calendar is also expected to become a photographic exhibition in the near future at a date and place to be determined.

Originally from Piana degli Albanesi, after studying at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Loris Guzzetta became

Graduated in Visual Communication from the University of Birmingham in England.

He currently lives and works in New York and counts internationally renowned brands such as L’Oréal, Ann Taylor, Erno Laszlo and Beautyblender among his clients.

Buon Calendario

Salvatore Vasotti




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