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 church of M. SS. Annunziata (1624) 

It was built by the priest Giuseppe Matranga on a previous ruined church. Attached is the former Capuchin convent. The interior has an anomalous shape, with a central nave and a right. The central wooden altar (1852), decorated with interesting bas-reliefs, has recently been moved to the right aisle. The lower part of the table and the tabernacle are marked by small columns, the upper parts are decorated with figures, tendrils and ears. The altar is surmounted by a polychrome wooden crucifix with gilded reliquaries. The ancient central altar has been replaced by a square marble one of the Byzantine type supported by four columns representing the four Evangelists. The displacement of the altar highlighted the fresco depicting the Annunciation, Novelli's last work (1646). In the central nave you can admire a large 18th century painting by the Sicilian school depicting the Immaculate Conception. The left wall is occupied by two canvases by an unknown artist depicting St. Peter in bonds and St. Francis and the Madonna in prayer. Another 14 century canvases are part of the church's artistic assets. XVII, probable works by a Capuchin artist depicting the 12 Apostles, Christ and the Madonna.

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