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 Nicola Barbato Civic Museum 

Piana degli Albanesi

The civic museum will be a pleasant experience starting from the splendid welcome that will be reserved for you by the custodial staff.

The vast collection of objects related to the history of peasant civilization will take you back in time, making you also discover now extinct trades.

The section that makes this museum unique is that of the traditional costumes of Piana degli Albanesi. The collection is based more on feminine ones distinguished in daily and gala, one of which is complete with accessories that make it suitable for weddings. these two are entirely hand embroidered in gold on silk. The gold embroidery is so rich that it appeals to women who wear these "dressed in the sun" costumes.

Of great scientific importance is the ostensive herbarium curated by professor Antonio Mirabella, who collected the most important plant species found in the Serre della Pizzuta Nature Reserve, in the territory of Piana degli Albanesi.

Very important from a historical point of view is the section dedicated to the Portella delle Ginestra massacre of 1947 which was the first state massacre. This section was edited by the historian Francesco Petrotta who is one of the leading experts on the Portella massacre.


Monday closed

Tuesday: 09.00 - 12.30

Wednesday: 09.00 - 12.30

Thursday: 09.00 - 12.30

Friday: 09.00 - 12.30

Saturday: 09.00 - 12.30 | 15.30 - 18.30

Sunday: 09.00 - 12.30 | 15.30 - 18.30



* The times indicated have been provided by the Municipality of Piana degli Albanesi and may be subject to change without notice. Any disservice or consequent effect is the sole responsibility of the Municipality of Piana degli Albanesi and is in no way connected or attributable to the site



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