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magna via francigena
il cammino di Sicilia

Piana degli Albanesi represents the most beautiful variant of the departure of the Sicilian Way and allows you to avoid many kilometers of asphalt for the benefit of a visit that will remain in the heart.

From the convenient bus terminal of the Central Station of Palermo it is possible to take a public transport that directly connects the capital to the city of Piana degli Albanesi, Hora and Arbëreshëvet in arbëresh which is the language still spoken in this Greek-Albanian colony founded in 1488.

Once in Piana degli Albanesi you can use the time gained to visit the Barbato Civic Museum and to taste the extraordinary Cannolo which is the most famous dessert with a crunchy wafer that wraps a heart of local ricotta with chocolate flakes.

At the end of the town you can walk along the beautiful lake of Piana degli Albanesi and then take the path surrounded by nature that will take you to Santa Cristina Gela in just 3 km.

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