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 church of S. Nicola (16th century) 

Erected by Nicolò Matranga on the place where an ancient chapel existed, it was assigned in 1619 to the Augustinian fathers who maintained it until 1903. Since then it has returned to the Byzantine rite clergy. Of modest artistic-architectural importance, the church of S. Nicola took on a certain importance in 1957 when icons of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries from the church of S. Nicola in Palermo, destroyed by war events, were transferred. Some of these works had been obscured by a patina caused by the alteration of the paints and the smoke of the candles. Following a devastating restoration in 1756 they had lost their value as they had been repainted with oil in a late Baroque style. A recent restoration (1979-1984) has brought to light the ancient and precious paintings. The church, with a single nave, has walls enriched with icons of the Sicilian school of the '700. The iconostasis, divided into three registers, contains 17th century icons. Recent restorations have brought to light two interesting crypts.

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