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  Collegio di Maria Ospitalità Religiosa   

The Collegio di Maria offers you a unique and privileged position for your visit to Piana degli Albanesi, overlooking Piazza Vittorio Emanuele where the most important religious and cultural events are hosted.
Since its foundation in the 17th century, the Collegio di Maria has represented the history of Piana degli Albanesi. It is here that the first school of embroidery of sacred vestments of the Byzantine rite was started, where the Traditional Costume of Piana degli Albanesi was born. 
If you wish to experience a unique experience of religious hospitality in the Collegio di Maria during Holy Week, you will be welcome*.

*DISCLAIMER:The College of Mary is an active religious community and your visit will support its activities. Please read here the terms and conditions relating to religious hospitality at the Collegio di Maria di Piana degli Albanesi 

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