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Shega: the debut album of the Piana degli Albanesi group is out.

"Shega", the debut album of the homonymous band from Piana degli Albanesi is out. Shega means "the pomegranate", a fruit that with the plurality of its grains evokes a community; that arbëreshe, which settled in Southern Italy five centuries ago, is still capable not only of conserving but also of evolving, enriching itself syncretically with what surrounds it. This is Shega: a collection of songs in the Arbëreshe language by a group of young artists, who accompany us on a journey through idealism and disillusionment, the dreamlike and the biographical, the nostalgia of the roots and a culture lived with eyes new.

In the mosaic of Shega's 9 songs, love songs (Drita, Arianna) are set, lyrics in which emotional experience and social gaze merge (Niko, Jarruri hera - feat. Hardi Inusah), mysterious atmospheres (Kalivar), hymns to brotherhood and travel poems (Botë e Paqe, Lumturi - text by the poet arbëresh Pasquale Renda), ironic passages (Zëmbra jime) as well as the cover of a traditional arbëresh song (Qifti). Shega's pop / folk songwriting is authentic and goes beyond any language barrier with emotion, drawing on one's own experience and giving light to a minority culture that, although historical, is still little known.

Testo e Musica: SHEGA

Arrangiamenti e Produzione Artistica: SHEGA e Fabio Rizzo

Registrato e Missato da Fabio Rizzo presso Indigo Studios (Palermo)

Masterizzato da Andrea De Bernardi presso Eleven Studio (Busto Arsizio, VA)

Artwork di Alba Scherma

Edizioni: 900B

Giorgio Fusco - Vocals

Saverio Guzzetta - Guitar, Bouzouki, Vocals

Rosa Alongi - Violin

Giorgio Ciulla - Bass

Alessandro Ferrantelli - Drums

Vi auguriamo buon ascolto

Salvatore Vasotti



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